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i think we all know this one person…

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Powerful reminders.

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Do history books written by white folks tell the truth about Native Americans? We think not. Here are just some of the lies they tell.

Columbus NEVER landed in the Upper 48—Ever

Basically Everything About Pocahontas

The First Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was named after an entire tribe’s massacre—not a peaceful meal between pilgrims and Indians.

What is a Redskin?

“It was only five generations ago that a white man could get money for one of my grandfather’s scalps,” wrote 1491’s comedian Dallas Goldtooth on Facebook. “At this time… it was ‘Redskin’ that was used to describe us.”

Lincoln Ordered a Mass Execution

In the fall of 1862, Native tribes in Minnesota waged war on white settlers out of frustration from starvation, mistreatment and harsh conditions. After soldiers captured over 300 Indians, President Abraham Lincoln approved the largest mass execution in U.S. history on 38 Dakota men. On the day of their hanging, an estimated 4,000 spectators watched them hung. Their bodies were later taken and used as medical cadavers.

Hitler Studied Reservations

There Are 566 Federally Recognized Tribes in the U.S.

Unwritten History of African Americans and Natives

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“At one hearing, a blind woman tearfully explained how she lost a prestigious scholarship opportunity after her GPA fell because her reader was laid off. That classroom assistance was essential because math figures needed verbal translation. Another…




Same Difference is a feature length documentary that presents the lives of two adolescent boys who identify as gay from a young age.

Watch the trailer Here

(PS. The director is actually gay)

He’s also my cousin and he put everything he had into this film and it’s absolutely draining everything he has and he’s super depressed that a pledge to make potato salad is doing exceptionally well while he hasn’t even reached 10% of his goal.

Please reblog to share and contribute if you can. There’s not much time left and he’s so close to finishing the film. All he needs now is to meet the funds needed for post production.



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Another bat kiss

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Denis Forkas Kostromitin - The Triton’s Mirror. 2014

Denis Forkas – Spirits of the Mirror

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So the Denisovans (a sub species of Homo Sapiens, whose skull image is shown above), genome was analyzed.

The new Denisovan genome indicates this population interbred with an extinct archaic human population that lived in Asia more than 30,000 years ago, which is neither human nor Neanderthal.

They have yet to identify what this unknown species maybe. 


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"I’ve never been with a black girl bef-"


"You know I only date black gir-"


"Do you fuck white du-"


"Caramel hersheys syrup mcdonalds mocha chocolate chip bran muffin nubian african jungle quee-"



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Photo by Sungjin Park

'Recklessness and Rebellion': Meet the Cool Kids of South Korea

Collared shirts, pleated skirts, awkward haircuts and acne—all these are present in South Korean photographer Sungjin Park’s new project, ‘Kid Nostalgia,’ which focuses on poignantly rebellious schoolkids in Seoul.

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Poverty too, like feminism, is often framed as an identity problem. As though the poor had not been created by injustice but are a lost tribe who just happen to exist, and can be rescued in the short term by a system of grievance redressal (administered by NGOs on an individual, person-to-person basis), and whose long-term resurrection will come from Good Governance — under the regime of Global Corporate Capitalism, it goes without saying.
Arundhati Roy, Capitalism: A Ghost Story (via sociolab)

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everybody is fine with locking the Palestinians up and starving them, but killing them outright, en masse - is gauche



Manatee Avengers by Joel Micah Harris

Ahhhh, this is so cuuuuute!

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