Bad Ass Black Goths: A Photoset For You To Reblog & Throw In People’s Faces

by Nuestra Hermana

In case you didn’t know, there has always been a lot of backwards ass racist sentiments towards black goths. Statements like, “there aren’t any black goths”, “black people just don’t look right as goth”, “Black goths are scary”, “Black people shouldn’t be goth” are prominent throughout the internet and within clubs and community circles.

Translated, these statements in their simplest root read something along the lines of: Black people cannot be gothic because they are not white.

Of course, not every non-black goth is this way but you will see more than plenty proclaim any of the above without a thought of how erasing and racist it is towards black goths.

Recently, I read someone posting something along the very same sentiment, claiming they had never seen a black person “pull off” being goth.

This here, is for all of you dears who truly believe that. I’m here to simply show you that Black goths do it real fucking well & are just as dark souled & artistically amazingly magnificent in the goth community (if not even more, yes, I did just say that to you.)

If you don’t know much about this or simply don’t believe me, you can read more for yourself here , where someone is asking for advice on “on how you would approach one” and here, where someone claims that black people make terrible vampires (TW: racist slurs)… and here where a black goth is attacked for simply asking if there are any other black goths in his area.

If you’re black and goth and want some support:

Black & African American Goths

Black/African-American Goths (364 members! Yes.)

Ps: I had a bunch more pictures but I couldn’t fit them in to this photoset.

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    I feel a lot more comfortable now about the way i look
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    There should be more black goths. We can be beautiful in black too. Plus we don’t have to go through the struggle of...
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    Stupid. Anybody can be goth, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, or age.
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