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I have to take this apart, guys, so I don’t puke.


A year later, SB 1070 looks like a big, expensive con. It brought us boycotts, lost business, a sullied reputation, another court battle and a betrayal of Arizona’s heritage.

Oh yes, that is CLEARLY the worst that SB1070 did! It made people boycott us! I can’t even imagine a worse result, like the dismissal of workers’ human rights, can you? Boycotts. Man. Good thing nothing worse happened.

Oh, yes. And it did nothing to make the border safer or reduce illegal immigration.

Oh, yes. I forgot, it didn’t even clear our state of all those brown people who keep the economy running! Who knew that with economy dependant on the work of people who can’t fight for living wages or basic human rights, we would still end up keeping all of those “illegal” immigrants? Really, they should just know that they’re not wanted and go home!

The national spotlight made Arizona look like a place where extremism is the norm. International media lapped up each outrageous statement from SB 1070 supporters. Comedians ripped a hole in the state’s dignity bigger than the Grand Canyon.

Right. The national spotlight made Arizona look like a place where extremism is the norm. It’s not our fault! The media lied about us! It’s not like we’ve had problems with extremism before. How could anyone ever think that Arizona might be an extremist state? Doesn’t EVERYONE have senators who want to deny undocumented workers health care and leave them to die at the doors of the hospitals? That’s totally reasonable, right?

Yet SB 1070 initially got good poll numbers. It was popular for two reasons. 1) The leaders who sold it to the state were that convincing. 2) People were frustrated with federal inaction. Some saw SB 1070 as a wake-up call to Washington. A year later, Congress is still sleeping.

Don’t worry, though, nay-sayers about Arizona! The only reason SB1070 passed was because the leaders who sold it were convincing! It’s almost like they were using a campaign of fear and violence against Latinos to pass a blantently racist bill that treated all Latinos as second class citizens! But not really. It was really because Zonies wanted the federal government to WAKE UP! And what better way to get people to wake up than with xenophobia and racism!

Recent discussions from the White House about comprehensive immigration reform were the result of President Barack Obama’s need to woo Latino voters before the 2012 election. Not SB 1070.

Translation: President Obama is a dirty communist hippie Black radical who doesn’t care about Real Americans. And by Real Americans we mean white people.

What? That’s what the translation always means, doesn’t it?

The measure widely described as Arizona’s “Papers, please” law, provided a distraction from discussions about real reform. It gave cover to politicians who prefer to dodge the criticism that comes with standing up for complete solutions.

I have read this paragraph twice and I’m pretty sure it means “We don’t like how undocumented workers aren’t paying taxes paying 11.2 billion dollars in taxes or how they’re contributing to the crime rate committing less crime than citizens. Surely there must be some way to kick them all out without anyone calling us racists for it!”

When GOP Rep. Jeff Flake decided to run for Senate, this long-time supporter of comprehensive immigration reform had a sudden conversion.

He jumped on the enforcement-first wagon.

Was that just because of SB 1070? Of course not. Arizona Sens. Jon Kyl and John McCain long ago abandoned their support for a complete solution. But SB 1070’s popularity gave them no reason to reconsider.

I wish I could provide a translation of this, but all that my Angry Person Of (Light) Color decoder ring tells me when I scan this section is “garble garble nonsense garble SB 1070 was popular don’t blame us.”

The law helped drive the debate further to the extreme edge, giving Flake no political advantage sticking to his previous position. It eroded what was left of the middle ground.

Illegal immigration is a national problem this state law could not begin to address. SB 1070 was so clearly an intrusion into federal jurisdiction that key provisions were halted by federal District Court Judge Susan Bolton before they took effect. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld that injunction, with noted conservative Judge John Noonan agreeing that provisions of SB 1070 are unconstitutional.

That’s right. Did you know that the District Court said that parts of 1070 were unconstitutional because they violated federal jurisdiction? Those silly media, telling us it was because it violated the constitutional rights of human beings! Don’t they know that brown people don’t get any constitutional rights?

More legal battles lie ahead. They will sap state resources and keep Arizona in an unflattering spotlight.

Again: Arizona’s only in a unflattering spotlight because of the color of the spotlight. Not because the light came up right as we stuck our finger in our butt.

Arizona’s sense of unity also took a beating because of SB 1070.

Latinos make up nearly a third of the state’s population. They are part of Arizona’s heritage and its future. But SB 1070 made even third-generation Arizona Latinos feel like targets for enhanced law-enforcement scrutiny.

The law created an atmosphere so ugly that Republican state Sen. Lori Klein felt justified in reading a letter full of anti-Latino slurs on the floor of the Senate.

That’s right! It was all that damn law’s fault! If only it hadn’t brainwashed us with it’s racist mind control! Everyone knows that Arizona laws are printed on a special kind of paper that sends out psychic waves to every person in the state and tells them what to think!

What’s that you say? That maybe SB 1070 got passed because there was a culture in Arizona that made people feel justified in villifying and demonizing an innocent group of people who were simply trying to live? And that maybe that culture had existed before 1070 was passed because otherwise it clearly could not have passed? And that state legislators had a duty even before SB 1070 to reply on thinking and facts instead of xenophobic and racist rhetoric to get themselves elected?

You must be from out of state. On an unrelated note, could you stand next to this piece of Arizona newspaper, erm, I mean, legislation? It might tingle a bit, but don’t worry, that’s just your critical thinking ability shutting down.

This is where SB 1070 brought us.

Sixty executives from major state business interests successfully called on lawmakers to reject a new round of immigration bills this year.

SIXTY EXECUTIVES FROM MAJOR STATE BUSINESSES! My god, I almost forgot they were the most important voice in the state! Because everyone knows that businesses have great moral compasses. Man, we should listen to businesses more often. Screw this “people” crap.

This is where the horrible experience of SB 1070 should take us. Arizonans have to continue to speak out against the SB 1070 approach.

Lessons are being learned elsewhere.

Yeah, they’re introducing great new laws because of us.

The wave of copycat bills in other states has largely fizzled - even in Kansas, where SB 1070 architect Kris Kobach is secretary of state. He couldn’t sell his state this poison.

Meanwhile, Utah took a look at what Arizona did and crafted a comprehensive approach that includes a state guest-worker program. It acknowledges the complexity of illegal immigration and makes a humane commitment to family values and children. Arizona considered - and rejected - a similar approach several years ago.

Seriously, when even Utah is doing better than you are, Arizona, it’s time to look at your choices.

Instead, the state bought into a false promise that remains a colossal mistake a year later.

Yeah! If only we could get a real promise to kick all those brown people out of our state! You know, the way that it was in the good old days! (Skip to the last 30 seconds.)


In all seriousness, articles like this are making me physically sick. You cannot blame the problems that Arizona is facing while it is being called out on it’s racist, xenophobia legislation by blaming the legislation. That’s not how it works. Aliens did not come down and pass that bill! We did. Arizona did. To try to pretend like it is SB 1070’s fault that the racism in Arizona is now coming to light is unbelievable. THESE LAWS DO NOT EXIST IN A VACUMN. You cannot blame inanimate objects for your racism, Arizona. You can only blame yourself. And then you need to admit that you were racist, and you need to fix it.

I didn’t mention Brisenia Flores in the takedown of this article because I knew I would start crying in class. But if you want to know what the result of laws like this and apologism like this is, please read this. And then this. And then know that you never heard about it on the news. Brisenia’s death wasn’t important enough to report on. Please read those links with care. They discuss in explicit detail the hateful killing of a nine year old girl.

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