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I think this is really interesting. As someone who is body and vagina-positive, this even made me uncomfortable at first glance, which is exactly why more photos like these should be shown during sex ed, rather than cartoon drawings. It’s not often one gets to see what the vagina looks like from the inside!

- Ness

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    Interesting! Normally I’m somewhat easily squicked out. (I cannot look up skin conditions on, for...
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    this is so weird to look at yet really neat at the same time
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    Only 20%???? grr . I hate when I found out there so many women who have “easier” or shorter cycles. I got the shit from...
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    that one picture looks like the stuff Spider man shoots out. in some of the pictures it looks like a light is coming...
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    Umm. I’m not sure what to think of this
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    The cervix is cool
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    I had no idea that the cervix looked like this or about the basal temperature thing. Also I didn’t know that my...
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    If you follow this link, you will visit a site with images of a woman’s vagina and cervix throughout her cycle (as...
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    this. is. AWESOME.
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    Looking through this makes me grab my lower half in sympathy discomfort because I am not so awesome when it comes to...
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