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“That Awkward Moment When You Make a Feminist Post and a Porn User Reblogs It”


The Fucking Irony


Many replies to this are so black and white, it’s beyond stupid. So in reply:

“That Awkward Moment another feminist assumes all porn is evil and you’re a rapist or child sex victim or like being degraded because you are in porn”


The fucking ignorance

The world is not Black and White; don’t you DARE:
Tell me what or who I am/was/could be/should be
Tell me what I think/feel consciously or unconsciously
Tell me that I am being inherently abused / raped /degraded

Assume that I enjoy being abused/raped degraded and telling me it’s ok if I like those things.  I don’t need your approval. And no, I don’t “like” being “degraded”.  That’s not whats fucking going on. Just because YOU think it’s degrading doesn’t mean that I do. I am not inherently being degraded because I am a sexual exhibitionist. 



I agree.  The irony in demanding agency for women as feminists and then denying it to anyone that disagrees with one’s own definition of feminism.  As if tyranny from men needs only to be replaced by tyranny from women as a fix for everything. 

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