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Arabian Beauty, Fairouz.


Arabian Beauty, Fairouz.


Ajak Deng for Obsession Magazine. She’s giving me Grace Jones meets Daft Punk; yes? 


The thing is, this community has been represented in very disrespectful ways, falling most of the time into the cliche, and without that complexity and diversity that it has.”

- Diego Luna, on the representation of Latinos in Hollywood films. His Cesar Chavez biopic is the only studio release due out in 2014 about a Latino figure, as well as the only film featuring a predominantly Latino cast.

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Talent : Lestyi
Hair : Séphora Joannes
Make Up : Blakiah MyhairJourney
Photo : Mallory Meignant
Retouch : ClaireLaura Flamand

© 2014 - HAARA


Watch the Film Between the Two



Don’t forget that drinking plenty of water and tea, eating a healthy diet and daily exercise will make a HUGE difference with your complexion.  Touching your face frequently is also a big no-no.  Everyone’s skin is different, so experiment with your own treatment routines and find what best suits you!!  I think this is a topic that’s almost taboo to talk about, but everyone has it, so we might as well help each other out with what we’ve found successful, right!?

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Goodmorning I Hope you all have a beautiful day, be comfortable in your own skin, you never know who finds beauty in what you may like to think of as flaws so keep shining and love yourself, you can never know how much someone loves you until you know how to love YOU! Your not for everybody uphold characteristics that set you apart from most #Wordsofwisdomwed #WOWW #beauty #beautiful #flaws #love #vitiligo #natural


A Noite

Sempre achei as marcas de vitiligo muito bonitas e todo mundo sempre me achou estranha por isso. Uma amiga então me sugeriu fazer uma boneca com vitiligo, mas eu não queria fazer uma boneca que fosse simplesmente “a boneca com vitiligo” então fiquei pensando em Quais coisas na natureza poderiam ser associadas com vitiligo, então pensei em um céu com nuvens e criei essa deusa da noite.
Para criar as manchas eu usei a técnica de batik.

The Night

I always thought that vitiligo is beautiful, and people always thought that I was weird. A friend suggested me to make a doll with vitiligo, but I didn’t wanted to make a doll that would just
be “the doll with vitiligo”. I started wondering what in nature could be associated with it then I thought that a cloudy sky was like a sky with vitiligo, so I created this night goddess
I used batik technic to make the markings

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I suffer from a skin condition called Vitiligo, which turns patches of my skin white. I have white skin patches on my knees, my feet, hands, lips and other hidden spots which not even the sunlight has touched.

People tell me beautiful, and I am narcissistic enough to know it´s true. Sadly, for the last few months, the white skin patches have been growing, and my self-esteem has been shrinking. I feel as if I was a mature woman watching her age crack and wrinkle her face, I watch my own face as it slowly turns pale, almost white.

I used to not care, as a matter of fact I often think of my patches as my unique accessory, but now they are on more personal space and I am starting to worry that no human will ever feel attracted to a bi colored person. Sometimes, I even think of myself as disgusting, but not that often since like I said before, I am fabulously beautiful.

To point out, I have seen people with vitiligo get marry and have a happy life, the only thing that is, they are heterosexual. We all know that in a perfect world I will find my prince charming, but in reality I may or may not be destroy by the criticism of my own community where beauty is a must have to survive.

I worry that the white patches will bury the beauty that is my brown face, and that my dalmatian face will scare off my prince charming. I have to constantly remind myself that I am an independent being and I am loved by many people, but still I´m scare. Deep inside it still scares me.