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Jamila The Teenage Terminator by jinfeng

Jamila The Teenage Terminator by jinfeng

Jamila The Teenage Terminator by jinfeng

Jamila The Teenage Terminator by jinfeng

Jamila The Teenage Terminator by jinfeng

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African’s using technology to fight colonialism and oppression while maintaining their culture, heritage, strength and themselves. 


Just another day in “post-racism.”

The Future is already Here. It’s just unevenly distributed.


It Did Not Start With Stonewall

I love this video for a number of reasons. It really does provide a counter narrative to the history of queer organizing pushed by mainstream, mostly white LGBT groups, that the history of queer protest and thought in this country finds its origins, and can map its trajectory, from Greenwich Village’s 1969 Stonewall protest. This totally leaves out histories of Black queer folks in NYC (and in other cities) who, in face of dealing with issues of racism, misogyny, poverty, etc.; along with dealing with the social stigma of being queer and living with its perpetual threat of violence daily, in spite of all of this, still organized themselves into viable communities BEFORE STONEWALL. She mentions the existence of some type of ball culture, and of fluid gender and sexual identities and presentation, and how city officials and police actively, and successfully, stifled black entrepreneurship in black communities. This, in a quite deliberate manner, syphoned money and black patrons to white bars and clubs in the Village, to bars and clubs that actively practiced discrimination against their black queer patrons, the same white establishments heralded in mainstream LGBT history for “inaugurating” the first visible and cohesive strands of queer life in NYC. I’m glad we have recollections like this to remind us that black queer folks, too, weathered through the police raids, got their heads bashed in by police, and dealt with the mass arrests, much like what is celebrated of their white counterparts. And it’s from a black lesbian perspective? This history needs to be told and remembered. 

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Afrofuturism art


Afrofuturism art

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A few people are trying to set up a blog which would showcase black artists. Keyword. BLACK. From what I know, contact these two women if you’re interested in submitting, helping out..etc. And spread the word. And if you’re not black and you know people who are black and artists. You spread the word too. And artist refers to anything. Wether you can paint or dance or sing or act or write. Anything you do that you consider an art form is applicable.


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ANTI-BLACK RACISM IN THE UK. Using anti-black racist language to have a go at white, working class people! Black cultureS are always under attack!

“The historian and broadcaster David Starkey has provoked a storm of criticism after claiming during a televised discussion about the riots that “the problem is that the whites have become black”.

In an appearance on BBC2’s Newsnight, Starkey spoke of “a profound cultural change” and said he had been re-reading Enoch Powell’s rivers of blood speech.

“His prophesy was absolutely right in one sense. The Tiber did not foam with blood but flames lambent, they wrapped around Tottenham and wrapped around Clapham,” he said.

“But it wasn’t inter-community violence. This is where he was absolutely wrong.” Gesturing towards one of the other guests, Owen Jones, who wrote Chavs: the Demonisation of the Working Classes, Starkey said: “What has happened is that a substantial section of the chavs that you wrote about have become black.”

On the programme, Starkey said: “The whites have become black. A particular sort of violent destructive, nihilistic gangster culture has become the fashion and black and white boys and girls operate in this language together.

“This language which is wholly false, which is this Jamaican patois that has been intruded in England and that is why so many of us have this sense of literally of a foreign country.”

The historian and broadcaster, whose historical documentaries on Channel 4 about the Tudors established him as a household name, went on to name-check Tottenham’s Labour MP: “Listen to David Lammy, an archetypal successful black man. If you turn the screen off so that you are listening to him on radio you would think he was white.”

what the EVER loving fuck.

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[in response to a concern that their blog gives off the impression that natural hair makes a woman of color more “black” than the next person] I use this blog as a platform towards broadening the eurocentric and narrowly defined standards of beauty. It’s not a matter of saying someone is better, more black, more self-conscious or self-loving, for embracing their natural hair, but it’s a step towards creating that space where individuals are comfortable enough to do so. We want to progress to a stage where all hair styles, natural or not, is embraced because individuals will have the ability to make their own choices free from societal pressures and stigmas.

Black Love.