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[There is a] general principle of internet language these days that the more overwhelmed with emotions you are, the less sensical your sentence structure gets, which I’ve described elsewhere as “stylized verbal incoherence mirroring emotional incoherence” and which leads us to expressions like “feels,” “I can’t even/I’ve lost the ability to can,” and “because reasons.”

Contrast this with first-generation internet language, demonstrated by LOLcat or 1337speak, and in general characterized by abbreviations containing numbers and single letters, often in caps (C U L8R), smilies containing noses, and words containing deliberate misspellings.

We’ve now moved on: broadly speaking, second-generation internet language plays with grammar instead of spelling. If you’re a doomsayer, the innovative syntax is one more thing to throw up your hands about, but compared to a decade or two ago, the spelling has gotten shockingly conventional.

In this sense, doge really is the next generation of LOLcat, in terms of a pet-based snapshot of a certain era in internet language. We’ve kept the idea that animals speak like an exaggerated version of an internet-savvy human, but as our definitions of what it means to be a human on the internet have changed, so too have the voices that we give our animals. Wow.

A Linguist Explains the Grammar of Doge. Wow.

This is my favourite part, if I do say so myself. See also the summary doge macro.

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Very amaze. Wow. Such cool.

(Yes, yes, I’m sure someone already said exactly this :-D)

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I wrote this essay for an English class in high school a few years ago. Though a lot has changed since then, I believe this post would help you understand who I am. I’ve learned a lot since then. I’ll write a more updated introduction soon. Enjoy! :)

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Nominative - object - possessive determiner - possessive pronoun - reflexive

To explain what I mean, the pronouns are bolded in the order of the above in the following sentences.

Ne goes to the store to get almond milk for him; nir credit card doesn’t go through but the groceries are his responsibility anyways; ne feels like he doesn’t appreciate nir as much as ne appreciates nirself.

she, her, her, hers, herself

he, him, his, his, himself

they, them, their, theirs, themself

ne, nir, nir, nirs, nirself

jey, jem, jem, jem, jeself

cie, cem, cem, ciez, cieself

it, it, its, its, itself

ce, cem, cez, ce’s, ceself

zie, zim, zir, zir, zimself

ve, vir, vis, vis, virself

xe, xem, xer, xer, xemself

zie, zim, zim, zim, zimself

ne, nen, nir, nes, nenself

nin, nim, nims, nims, nimself

thon, thon, thons, thons, thonself

aei, aeir, aer, aer, aezhself

ey, em, eir, eirs, eirself

xa, xa, xa’s, xa’s, xaself

ze, hir, hir, hirs, hirself

zie, hir, hirs, hirs, hirself

ne, nem, nir, nirs, nemself

kie, kir, kir, kirs, kirself

se, ser, ser, sers, serself

se, hir, hir, hirs, hirself

sie, hir, hir, hirs, hirself

Pronouns are fuckin cool


new blog for the new zine idea! let there be submissions! this page has NOTHIN’ yet, but needs some lovely followers and some lovely submissions to make it possible! reblog far and wide! here are the guidelines for the zine:

* writings/art/photos should pertain to your experience as a queer/trans person of color, however that manifests itself for you (talking about body relations/body politic/image, relationships, your experience w/ allyship or your personal list of ally-tips(these are really fun to write!), coming out, your gender experience, cultural intersections(!!!), anything else you can think of that would pertain to the qpoc experience. *

interested in sharing a piece of writing? a piece of art that can be reproduced in 2D format? 

submit here, or email (@laborreguita)

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