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a) you’re only pointing out your racism

b) if your argument is that people who smoke pot are criminals that deserve to be killed, then pull out your high school yearbook and circle all the criminals you went to school with.  they fall into that same category, you racist pinheads

c) you’re still fucking racist because you are defending a racist piece of shit

d) you’re not helping to hide or diminish racism.  you’re just making it worse.  not by talking about it, mind you but BY BEING FUCKING RACIST

Target white christian men.  

They have the guns.

They commit the crimes.

Terrorists in the US are not brown, they are white, male and christian.  

Suspicious White Guy Accessories


HAS EVERYONE SEEN THIS? This happened recently. The story goes that this father was playing outside with his kids and went to go talk to this guy(the white man), because he was shooting his guns  in the area where they were playing. The white man came over and shot him in the head FOR NO REASON. Did the same thing to the wife WHILE THE KIDS WERE WATCHING. Swear, white people don’t give a damn anymore about being discrete. This is why we need to tighten gun laws. This why we need to have a predominantly ethnic (People of Color) police force and investigation unit to combat this crap. We wonder why the Black Panther is calling for the death of George Zimmerman, but think about it. They grew up in a time where a white man could lynch you or kill you IN BROAD DAYLIGHT, and go about their  business as if nothing even happened. We are now devolving back to a time where prosperity, peace, and higher knowledge will not come because whites feel as if they are being oppressed (meaning they don’t get to be superior to people of color anymore *white tears*)

I need everyone to either reblog this post or copy and paste the link so we can bring national attention to this story. It’s about time we make this an issue.

another “isolated incident” of some hateful cracker ass piece of shit. 

  • bombed Oklahoma City federal buildings?
  • bombed abortion clinics?
  • killed or attempted to kill abortion providers?
  • profited from the transatlantic slave trade?
  • supported Hitler?
  • endorse the KKK, David Duke, Hutaree, Scott Roeder, Fred Phelps?
  • supported, endorsed and drove the genocide of indigenous peoples in N. America to help white people steal land by raping, killing, poisoning, starving and criminalizing?

An “isolated incident” is a fist fight in a backyard BBQ.  This shit is christian, white terrorism and pretending otherwise while calling it out on muslims - is hypocrisy.